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To use all the faucets at "tinarotator.com" you need a wallet for each crypto currency. You can register for free at any exchange for cryptocurrancies like Poloniex and there you can generate wallets for a lot of different currencies. There is no running fees and the transaction fee at those exchanges is usually very small 1% or less.

If you want to try out how a faucet works, you can simply take our bitcoin wallet-address (1MxAx7v9ft3vt4KTZiUTmoWqpTAZDDELmm), use it with a Bitcoin-faucet and check the transaction generated by you. If the faucet pays out to the FaucetHub you can go there and look up the latest transaction. There is no risk for me if you use my wallet because a wallet, also known as a public key, for itself is just like a bank account, where you can only send money there but when you want to draw Bitcoins out from the wallet you need an other key, the private key.

How to use it?

To start, simply click at the first faucet. This row will disappear, the faucet will open in a new tab and after the pre-defined time interval the row in the rotator will be back again. This way you have the guarantee to use the most profitable faucet first.

The initial sequence of the faucets is according to the minimum payout value.

You can choose to use only faucets with a specific cryptocurrency or use all of them. We recommend using all the available cryptocurrencies in order to be more profitable and efficient.

Please give us your feedback. Write us which faucets you don't like and which faucets you miss at this rotator.

Faucets change often their payout structures. If there is a faucet in your way that you do not like you can simply click on the clock symbol and the faucet will pause for 12 hours.

We will update this data on a regular basis. The exchange rates of the currencies will be updated once a week.


Statement of Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) regarding Bitcoins: English or German


s BTC ... Satoshi, "s" indicates the subunit of a cryptocurrency. The subunit of the Dollar are the Cents (1 USD = 100 Cents). A cryptocurrency has not only two digits after the comma but eight. Therefore 1 BTC = 100,000,000 Satoshis or 1 Satoshi = 0,00000001 Bitcoin.