Welcome to Tinarotator!


  1. You can use faucets with all kind of crypto currencies or choose just those you like.
  2. You can choose from 4 ways in which sequence the faucets should be used.
    • minimum payout
    • minimum payout per hour
    • minimum payout per claiming ease
    • expected value
    • expected value per hour
    • expected value per claiming ease
  3. You can calculate your earnings with the slide ruler. It assumes 30 seconds for each faucet and you get the values for the sequenses: minimum payout and expected value. You can look up the first 24 hours. If you want see the earnings for a short period of time, like 5 minutes, than please use the arrow keys.
  4. Faucets are added and removed from Rotator based on their profitability (minimum payout, etc.). Your feedback is important to take out or remove faucets which are not liked by you.
  5. You can sort the faucets in Bitcoin (BTC) according to their coin value, i.e. the minimum payout and the expected value are converted into BTC.
  6. You can choose if you want to exclude faucets:
    • with specific payout method
    • with specific captchas
    • which do not show their balance
    • with login requirement
  7. You can choose to display only faucets from a specific category.
    • Accumulating, these are faucets where coins are accumulated for you with diminishing speed over time.
    • Bonus, these are faucets where you get a daily bonus for the satoshis claimed for that day.
    • Games, these are faucets where you get coins for playing some simple games.
    • Upgradeable Faucets, if you invest in these faucets you will get more coins but you should keep in mind the risk. Faucets can disapear any time.
  8. You can collect a lot of satoshis within your limited time.
  9. You can click on the clock symbol and send a faucet away for 12 hours, so that it does not stay in your way if it is broken or any other reason.
  10. Your opinion is important to us. Your feedback will help us to improve our faucet rotator. Feel free to click on all the thumbs to help making this faucetrotator better.
  11. You can can use this faucet rotator for free!
  12. You can donate us some BTC-satoshis (s BTC; 1MxAx7v9ft3vt4KTZiUTmoWqpTAZDDELmm), if you like this website, to enable us to further develop it. ☺ Thank you! ☺